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Hart County Public Works
Environmental Compliance

800 Chandler St.      Hartwell, GA 30643
Phone: (706) 856-5343
     Fax: 706-856-5363

The Hart County Environmental Compliance Office is responsible for administering the Hart County Code of Ordinances that pertain to environmental issues in the areas of solid waste management, erosion and sediment control, and water quality. The officer also ensures environmental compliance with the county's timber cutting, manufactured home, and building permit ordinances. The officer handles all scrap tire issues in the county. This includes routine inspections of tire dealers and scrap tire generators, responding to tire related complaints, and assuring proper disposal and recycling of scrap tires.

The purpose of the Environmental Compliance Office is to enforce all county environmental functions and related ordinances. Successful performance of these duties help ensure that development in the in the county meets established standards of environmental quality and safety and sets trends for future growth. This office operates within the Hart County Public Works Department.