Doc. # 262

December 17, 1996

1997 beer and wine renewal

environmental assessment fee

vital records fee cap resolution

Utility permitting ordinance

Gas line easement



Doc. # 263

Lee Barton

Diversified Golf LLC

Bob Ridgway

Kim Wilkerson

Bids Courthouse Renovation

Department of Corrections

Skilled Detainee

Roof of the youth services building



Doc. # 264

John Williamson

Franklin Hart Airport Authority

Bud Brown

Mike Coulter

Mike Ward

Carey Bennett

George Bennett

Jerry Rousey

Wanda Cordell

Cordellís Grocery

County Road 259

County Road 393

County Road 528

County Road 262

County Road 383

County Road 663

County Road 260

County Road 261



Doc. # 265

Jack Edmunds

Joe Brandenburg

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

Economic Development