Doc. # 145

July 9, 1996


County Road 292

Risner Road

EMS Collection Services

Majestic Shores Road Improvement

DOAS Surplus Equipment Resolution



Doc. # 146

Solid waste reduction goal

Fire truck



Doc. # 147

County Road 46

Little Coldwater Creek

County Road 97

Ben Maxwell Road

County Road 172

Double Branch Creek

Health budget

Environmental fee schedule

Jean Kidd

Georgia Mountains Community Board of Directors

Department of Community Affairs

Recreation Parks

Franklin/Hart Joint Development authority



Doc. # 148

Estelle Risner Knight

Thomas Risner

Alan Ramsey

Thomas Slator

Wade Fleming

R. H. McAlhaney

James Sanders

County Road 293

Mt. Hebron Road

Mr. Hebron Road

Walnut Drive


Nigel Pitts



Doc. # 149

GA State agency

Surplus Property

Gary White

County Road 154