Doc. # 248

November 26, 1996

1997 Beer and wine renewals

probation supervision contract



Doc. # 249

Emergency Vehicle Sales bid

Kim Wilkerson

Fire call billing

Reimburse volunteer firemen



Doc. # 250

School bus turn around

Scott Town Drive

Leon Farmer and Company

Ella Anglin

Ellaís Pac-A-Sac

Charles Bond

Skelton Grocery

Tenna Brown

Expresso convenience

Terrell Chapman


Joe Crump

Hartwell Gold Club

Robert Ingles

Daniel McGarity

Vanna Country Store

Albert Milford

M&M Food Mart

Triciaís Country Store

Patricia West

Lakeside Food Mart

Wilson Yeast Wilsonís Hickory Crossing

Richard Gold

Tailspinners model airplane



Doc. # 253