Hart County Board of Commissioners

Executive Planning Session

April 24th, 2000




Chairman Moore opened the executive session by stating the purpose of the session was to discuss the purchase of the Habel property for recreational purposes.


Those in attendance were Commissioners Brown, Burdick, Hannah and Oglesby. Others in attendance were County Administrator Gary Cobb and County Attorney Walter Gordon.


After discussion of the pros and cons of the site, motion by Commissioner Oglesby and second by Commissioner Brown to offer the Habels $7,000/acre, land must appraise at least $7,000/a, no additional trade of land, $10,000 earnest money, two payments and allow the Habels one week to respond to the offer. Motion passed 5-0.


With no further action taken, motion by Commissioner Burdick to exit executive session and adjourn the meeting, second by Commissioner Brown. Motion passed 5-0.




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Joel Moore, Chairman                                Gary S. Cobb, County Administrator