Hart County Board of Commissioners

December 11th, 2000

Planning Session


The Hart County Board of Commissioners met December 11th, 2000 at 4:30 p.m. in the Hart County Administrative & Emergency Services Center.


Chairman Moore called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m. Those in attendance were: All commissioners including Randy Banister who was sworn in at noon, Gary Cobb, Walter Gordon, Carol and Bruce Bate, Joe Cooper, Billy Kidd, Bill Young, Joey Dorsey and Mark Lanford (Hartwell Sun).


        The Chairman recognized Bruce Bate.


Mr. Bate requested guidance from the Board to determine what conditions should be met before a public road could be taken into the county road system. The road in question is Calcutt Road, which has twelve property owners other than Carol Bate. It is off of County Road #273, Lakeview. It appeared from the discussion that the 40-foot right-of-way gravel road was more suited to Calcutt Road. The board was very careful not to promise that even if a road meets the Road Adoption Policy criteria it may not be taken in. The board only committed to consider the request.


Mr. Bate also inquired about the county's policy/ordinance on 5-lot water systems. This size development falls under the "Intermediate Water System" category defined by the Health Department. Mr. Bate was directed to see Dr. Charles Latauada on water system requirements.


        Matt Beasley, Hartwell City Councilman, was recognized. Mr. Beasley requested the county's assistance in building a new street off Savannah Street to be named Harry Hannah Lane. The materials cost was estimated to be $22,000. After discussion, the BOC directed that a motion be placed on New Business for the county to provide the equipment and labor to set base and pave the street when it fits into the Road Department schedule.


Discussion then turned to city/county cooperation and the city's long delay in formulating our gas and sewer SDS Amendments. It took the city 4 weeks to respond to our initial proposal and we are awaiting response to our further proposals of December 7th, 2000. Two other governments must agree with the changes before the State will release the $500,000 grant. This delay costs about $6,000/month in interest.


County Administrator's Report


        Liability Insurance


The County Administrator presented his analysis of the three-(3) insurance bids received on December 4th, 2000 and opened on December 5th, 2000. His recommendation, based on costs and coverage, was St. Paul. As to which of two agents (they submitted identical bids), there was no recommendation. Walter Gordon brought the board's attention to the need to actually review the policy "words" to insure the county would be provided the coverage we expected and the agents were saying existed. Mr. Young agreed to fax both Walter Gordon and the Administrator a copy of the policy details Tuesday morning. The matter will be placed on New Business Agenda.


        Utilities Permit


The County Administrator reviewed the Utility Permitting process pointing out the need to reserve right-of-way for the county water system infrastructure. The amended permit form was reviewed. Walter Gordon offered a further change. The matter directed to Consent Agenda.



Board discussed various persons to fill the vacancy on the Joint Development Authority. The matter to be placed on the Consent Agenda with Bill Leard to fill vacancy.


        Joint Development Authority Intergovernmental Agreement


Walter Gordon explained the need for the permanent agreement and what provisions are in it. Matter to Consent Agenda.


        Amendments to Chapter 34 Environment


The County Administrator explained the State mandated need to update our Soil & Sedimentation Control Ordinance. He proposed a 1st reading on December 12th, 2000, a second reading on January 9th, 2001 and adoption on January 9th, 2001. Matter to be on New Business.


        Status and Reports given on:

Public Works Director search

W/S Authority P/T Secretary

Road cuts by City on Eagle Grove and Beaver Creek

Fire Department Budget changes (Increase covered by Contingency Fund transfer)

GHP Contract for Kings Bench Road project


Chairman's Report


Chairman Moore again requested that the Commission turn in topics to be discussed. The board's attention was called to several upcoming meetings.


As a final item, Chairman Moore suggested that the county write the municipalities stating the county's position on the upcoming decision, based on the new census date, on how to divide the LOST revenues. There was agreement to draft the letter using population as the basis.


        Liability Insurance Revisited


The board discussed further with Billy Kidd and Joe Cooper the circumstances surrounding the insurance bid process.


A motion was made by Commissioner Banister, 2nd by Chairman, to enter into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing litigation as required by O.C.G.A. 50-14-2, 50-14-3, & 50-14-4(b). Vote was 5-0. Time was 7:30 p.m. The resolution and affidavit is recorded in the "2000-2001" minutes book.


Motion by Commissioner Oglesby, 2nd by Commissioner Brown to exit Executive Session and adjourn the Planning Session. Vote was 5-0. Time was 7:45 p.m.




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Joel Moore, Chairman Gary S. Cobb, County Administrator