Hart County Board of Commissioners

Planning Session

January 10th, 2000

4:30 p.m.



Chairman Joel Moore called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m. A moment of silence was observed.


Those in attendance: Commissioners Ken Brown, Don Burdick, Harry Hannah, R. C. Oglesby, Hartwell Council member George Rooks, City Manager Phil Hertz, Planning Director Bob Pease, County Attorney Walter Gordon, Public Works Director Rick Haney, County Administrator Gary Cobb, Sun reporter Mark Lanford and approximately twelve residents from the Northlake Subdivision.


The meeting began in the Commission chamber due to the large number of attendees. Chairman Moore went to the agenda item concerning the annexation of property along N. Forest Avenue and at the end of Ponderosa Drive. The Northlake attendees were here for this item. Chairman Moore gave the history up to this point and pointed out some of the procedural constraints, which the Board of Commissioners operates under these matters. Several of the Northlake residents addressed the BOC. Their concern was not so much the annexation per se but the R2, multi-family, zoning classification that could have a housing density of 10 units/acre and they bought and located their homes in what they thought would be a single-family residential neighborhood. The city officials present responded to questions concerning sewer service and what road right-of-ways were being considered. Chairman Moore and several of the Commissioners offered further comments and suggested the residents also take their concerns to the City Planning and Zoning Board meeting on January 27th, 2000.  Following this agenda item, meeting was moved to conference room.


Chairman Moore questioned the County Attorney concerning his interpretation of the "1st meeting in January" under the context of when the Chairman is to be elected. The County Attorney offered his opinion that the regular meeting on January 11th, 2000 was the appropriate meeting. With no further discussion, the issue will be on the 11th agenda.


County Attorney Gordon requested an executive session following the regular session to discuss real estate, pending and potential legal matters.


County Administrator's Report


1.                  County Boat Ramp Usage

The question here was whether the BOC wished to limit boat ramp usage to recreational purposes. A known usage by companies installing shoreline riprap has caused major damages to the boat ramps to the degree the Corp of Engineers prohibits this activity. The County Attorney was directed to study this matter, with the idea of restricting overweight vehicles.


2.                  N. Forest Avenue Annexation

A letter was sent on January 7th, 2000 to the city tentatively stating the county's objection to the annexation. Discussion was on whether or not to bring this to the BOC agenda on January 11th. The direction was to put the item for a vote on the agenda.


3.                  St. John's CME Church Road right-of-way County Administrator reviewed

the ongoing negotiation with Mr. Clark concerning his donation of approximately 3000 feet along CME Church Road. The issue has "boiled" down to compensation of the Loblolly Pine Crop he will lose in the donation. The staff has measured quite accurately the number of trees that are in the 60-foot right-of-way. Approximately 2124 linear feet of trees spaced on a 6x10 gird are involved. The 2124 linear feet consist of one row-width (10 ft) thus the square footage is 21,240 sq. ft. or 0.49 acre. Two methods of calculating the value of the trees were discussed with Charles Rice. The calculations showed a range of $441 to $828. Mr. Clark's suggested a value of $4,000 per acre at maturity. That figure would yield a range of $559 to $728. The BOC directed the County Administrator to offer $750 compensation, given all other items are closed. If Mr. Clark accepts, put the item on the consent agenda.


4.                  Sub-division Ordinance Update Review

Discussion was postponed until the special roads meeting re-scheduled for 10 a.m. January 31st, 2000. Commissioners were urged to review the documentation, as this was a long and involved update.


5.                  Direction on Recreation Property

Brief discussion on the progress to date. Commissioners were to review the Ad Hoc Committee's recommendation before further discussion.


6.                  Mobile Phone Policy

Addressing two requests for mobile phone usage, the BOC suggested the Recreation Department purchase either a 900 mobile or the newer technology cordless phone for their use. They directed that the cell phone used by the Maintenance Department be returned to General Government Department for use by the Public Works Director or others who might have the need. Bottom line; no new cell phones.


7.                  Pond & Company

County Administrator reviewed the situation and action taken in this matter.


8.                  Request to purchase one of two budgeted fire trucks

BOC directed the request go to the Fire Safety Committee for study and a recommendation.


9.                  Old Henry's Church Cemetery

Discussion on the county's role in maintaining the property


10.             Purchase of EMS stretchers

Request was discussed to purchase 5 stretchers (approved 2000 budget item) now with the billing to be in March. Need was for stretchers of higher weight capacity. BOC agreed.


Chairman's Report


Chairman Moore reviewed upcoming meeting dates.


Old Business


b.         Board/Authority appointments


Discussion on replacement for Florence Gaines resulted in the name of Ernest Rudeseal to be presented for the vote on the 11th meeting agenda. Mr. Rudeseal if appointed would take Mr. Gaines place following his required training. Further, Mr. Allan Eppinger's name will be offered to replace Jean Kidd on the Community Service Board. There were no firm names offered at this point for RC&D Council.


New Business


b.         Bids opening/Fire Department beepers & radios


There are four bids for the Fire Department beepers and radios to be opened.


d.                  Award paving contract/Nancy Hart School & Montevideo Roads


The staff recommends the low bidder, GA Highway Pavers for the Nancy Hart School & Montvideo Road paving project.


On a motion by Commissioner Oglesby and a second by Commissioner Burdick the meeting went into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing real estate, pending legal matters and potential legal matters. Resolution and affidavit is recorded in the "1999-2000" minutes book.


Attending were BOC, County Attorney and County Administrator.


On a motion by Commissioner Brown to reconvene the regular session and adjourn the meeting. Commissioner Oglesby provided a second to the motion. The motion carried unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.




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Joel Moore, Chairman                                              Gary S. Cobb, County Admin.