Hart County Board of Commissioners

Planning Session

July 10th, 2000


The Hart County Board of Commissioners met July 10th, 2000 at 4:30 p.m. at the Hart County Administrative & Emergency Services Center.


In attendance were Chairman Joel Moore, Commissioners Ken Brown, Harry Hannah and R. C. Oglesby. Commissioner Burdick was connected via speakerphone. Also attending were County Attorney Walter Gordon, County Administrator Gary Cobb, Sun Reporter Mark Lanford, Public Works Director Rick Haney, Tom Hardigree and Randy Banister.


Chairman Moore called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.


Agenda question - after discussion about where agenda requests should be scheduled, it was decided that such requests should be in the Public Comment section of the agenda. If a request is accompanied by a topic, it should be listed and the BOC encouraged to update themselves on the topic. Speaker would not be limited to that topic but their time may be limited as always. The BOC may at their inclination and discretion, take action on any matter presented to them.


Chairman's Report


        Concerning Tom Habel's request to the Industrial Building Authority, their response was they would offer the same condition to Mr. Habel as they had to Ram Tech.

        Gateway meeting scheduled for 2:00 p.m. July 11th, 2000.

        Close to tying up of all the loose ends surrounding the DFACS lease and property

        Representative Powell briefed on the county's position for the Prison II expansion

        Briefed the BOC on the history of our watershed protection plan. County Administrator and Public Works Director were directed to perform normal maintenance on the two watersheds classified as "life threatening" if the dam should fail. Walter Gordon was to review all the documentation on the matter


County Attorney Report


        Midnight Rider Road closing will pursue

        Public Defender's contract to remain the same and Hart County's share of the budget to remain at $42,507

        Justice Department must receive SPLOST vote paperwork 60 days before November 7, vote


County Administrator's Report


        Additional BOC input requested. None was offered. DH conferences begin July 10

        Meeting at noon Wednesday to select top three candidates and determine salary recommendation. Matter to be discussed at the July 24, 2000 Planning Session

        Charles Rice request to have the Master Gardeners Botanical Garden included in the Master Planning for the new recreation property was presented. Concept was accepted

        RFQ's have been requested for the Recreation Master Plan. To date about 10 inquiries have been received. Deadline is 4:00 p.m. July 19

        A very brief discussion was had on the new ability of an ISO 9 fire department to participate in a retirement program. Monthly cost is $15/month/firemen

        Four proposals for a new E911 System have been received

        The 2000 Scrap Tire Grant in the amount of $37,5000 has been received. Acceptance to be on the Consent Agenda

        Official acceptance of RAP Grant to be on the Consent Agenda

        Hodges Mill/Tefel Water Project was discussed. Their situation is somewhat similar to other situations in the county. It was decided to turn this matter over to the Water Sewer Authority for their consideration and implementation

        Need for an intersection improvement project at Hwy 29S and Zion CME Church Road was presented. Public Works Director was directed to work with RDC to apply for an EIP/REBA grant

        SPLOST final discussion on allocations. Everyone in agreement on allocations but not necessarily on how to present. Only percentages and amounts to be acted upon. Matter to be on Consent Agenda. Allocation to be designated as "provisional" until water agreements reached.




        Tom Hardigree asked what criteria needed for use of the Courthouse grounds? Question resulted from the previous weekend's event where groups and individuals were not allowed to exercise their right to assembly and speech. Basically they were told if they had not rented a booth space they could not use the courthouse grounds. The discussion concluded that the only permission granted to the Service League was their use of the grounds but that was not an exclusive use. Matter will be discussed with the Service League before next year's event

        A copy of the new Augusta/Richmond County Ordinance on the regulation of video poker games or arcades was discussed. The County Attorney was directed to gather more information and present a recommendation to the board


The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 p.m.




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Joel Moore, Chairman Gary S. Cobb, County Administrator