Hart County Board of Commissioners

Planning Session

June 23rd, 2000

11:00 a.m.



Attendance:   All Board of Commissioners except Don Burdick. Also attending were Gary Cobb, Walter Gordon, Scotter McMillian, Jennifer Paynter, Phil Hertz, City of Hartwell Council members Beasley, Weaver and Maret, Jim Spencer, Emily Gunnells, Joel Gunnells, Bill Holland and Richard Sanders.


Chairman Moore opened the meeting at 11:00 a.m. The City of Hartwell representatives were asked whether they were there to change their request for the 1%SPLOST allocations. They responded no but they did present a letter signed by the Mayors of Hartwell and Royston supplementing their earlier requests.


For the purpose of the meeting, the following assumptions were used:

            SPLOST Amount                  $12 million

            SPLOST Vote                       November 2000

            SPLOST Project Areas        Roads




                                                            Economic Development


All in attendance offered comments and suggestions. Several attendees represented the Hart County Literacy Council. They were there to follow-up on their written request that a project be included that would consist of:

1.                  Basement under New Literacy Center with bathroom facilities. Basement would connect to the existing lower library level.

2.                  Purchase of adjacent vacant lot.

3.                  Development of vacant lot for parking to serve both the Literacy Center and the Library.


The County Administrator estimated the cost to be $200k to $250k. After several allocations were outlined on the white board, the attached figure shows the Proposed Allocation. It should be noted that the allocations are shown by where the money will be spent not by jurisdictional control. An example is, the Recreation funds will be spent in Hartwell even though it will be a county run project.


The meeting adjourned.




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Joel Moore, Chairman                                  Gary S. Cobb, County Administrator