Hart County Board of Commissioners

Planning Session

June 26th, 2000

4:30 p.m.




In attendance were Chairman Joel Moore, Commissioners Ken Brown, Harry Hannah and R. C. Oglesby. Commissioner Don Burdick participated from his home via conference call/speaker phone arrangement made necessary by a recent medical procedure. Others attending were County Administrator Gary Cobb, Public Works Director Rick Haney, Sun Reporter Mark Lanford, County Attorney Walter Gordon, Mr. Moorhead, Mr. House, Kenneth Peoples, Dwight Wright and Randy Banister.


Chairman Moore opened the meeting at 4:30 p.m. Mr. House of Georgia Highway Pavers was recognized. He asked whether the contract to lay base and pave roads in FY2000 was going to be awarded. His company had submitted the low bid. Mr. House was informed that due to the large cost involved in grading, base and paving the project had been trimmed to six roads and they would be graded only at this time. The revised project has been bidded and awarded.


Mr. Dwight Wright, representing Level 3 Communications, was recognized. He inquired about the status of his company's request for a right-of-way permit and whether the county had reached an agreement on their easement request. This item was on the County Administrator's Report agenda. The County Administrator reported that the right-of-way permit was being held awaiting resolution of the easement agreement. Discussion on the easement agreement resulted in Mr. Wright agreeing to have the agreement re-written detailing the $1/foot and the total payment would be a one-time lump sum. The right-of-way permit will be re-written by the county to have a hold harmless agreement. This is necessary due to uncertainty in the actual right-of-way width.


Mr. Moorhead was recognized next. He addressed the BOC concerning his Mobile Home Park Development. The Public Works Director would not approve the development because his plat did not meet the requirement of the ordinance. Specifically, it did not show septic tank, septic field, location of mobile homes, water lines etc. Complicating the issue was the EPD advice on wells and Gary Helmuth's needs on septic tank/fields. Mr. Moorhead stated the ordinance had been changed in February or March and he should not be penalized because his plan was ready in January. He was informed the applicable ordinance was passed in 1996 and had not been amended. Mr. Moorhead perhaps had the Mobile Home Park Ordinance confused with the Land Development Standards Ordinance, which was recently amended. The County Administrator and the Public Works Director were directed to work with Mr. Moorhead and Gary Helmuth to resolve the issue.



County Administrator's Report


1.                  FY2001 Budget Goals

The County Administrator requested guidance on certain budget issues. The BOC advised that we should 1) not bid the health insurance this year, 2) consider a cost of living increase 3) no limit at this time on capital expenditures but each request must be fully supported as always, 4) additional personnel would be considered if justified and, 5) we would not bid professional services this year as it was a transition year on the Board and that is a strong need for continuity.


2.                  Status of Fire Training Officer Recruiting

Four candidates have been interviewed with three additional interviews scheduled. A recommendation should be available for the BOC's consideration by the July 25 regular meeting.


3.         New Hope Church Road - E911 Addressing Policy

The BOC stated their policy of having separate addresses when three or more buildings are on the same street should be followed in this situation.


4.         RFP for Recreation Complex Master Plan

The County Administrator asked that RFP's be solicited for a Master Plan of the new recreation property. Permission granted.


5.                  "Welcome to Hartwell" signage

The Leadership Hart Class is requesting that the five signs they have proposed be funded jointly by the city, county and private interests. The estimated cost is $25,000. The County Administrator was directed to place the item on the Consent Agenda.


6.         Paradise Point Water Company right-of-way Permit

Paradise Point Water has requested to place a two-inch water line along county right-of-way for a distance of approximately 2,400 feet. Because of the unusually long length the matter was discussed. Both this request and the Level Three Request points out the need for either a policy or ordinance covering the use of the public right-of-way by non-governmental for profit companies.


7.         Board/Authority Appointments

Several appointments expire June 30, 2000. Of the four positions needing appointments to the Library Board, two members have resigned. Several names were discussed. Matter to be placed on New Business Agenda.



Chairman's Report


1.                  Chairman Moore announced that Hart County/Franklin County had received a $500,000 RAP Grant for the I-85 Gateway Project. Also, the county had it's pre-application approved for the $50,000 Recreation Land Purchase Grant.


2.                  Gaines Court

Chairman Moore discussed the Gaines Court. The property owner has now sold one parcel, which was his understanding the criteria of the road to be considered for accepting it into the county road system. There was discussion on exactly what commitment had been made in either 1998 or 1999 in the matter. The County Administrator was directed to examine the minutes for information on the subject.


3.                  Proposed 1% SPLOST Allocation

Chairman Moore passed out a spreadsheet showing the results of the June 23, 2000 Work Session for the SPLOST. The allocations were grouped based on where the funds were to be spent not whose project it was or who has control over the project. Results showed Hartwell the location for $2,709,000 or about 22.5% of the $12million SPLOST. After considerable discussion, the $150,000 Fire Project will be moved to the Hart County column. A miscalculation was noted and it also will be corrected.


The County Attorney expressed a need for an Executive Session to discuss Real Estate Acquisition. Chairman Moore also said there were several personnel issues to discuss. Commissioner Brown entered a motion to exit into executive session for the purpose of discussing Real Estate Acquisition and Personnel Matters as required by O.C.G.A. 50-14-4(b). Commissioner Hannah provided a second to the motion. The motion was 4-0. The resolution and affidavit is recorded in the official minutes book.


The regular meeting reconvened at 7:30 p.m. With no further business, the meeting adjourned.





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Joel Moore, Chairman                                  Gary S. Cobb, County Administrator