Hart County Board of Commissioners

Called Planning Session

March 20, 2000

10:00 a.m.



The Hart County Board of Commissioners met March 20, 2000 at 10:00 a.m. in the Hart County Administrative & Emergency Services Center.


Chairman Joel Moore presided with Commissioners Ken Brown, Don Burdick, Harry Hannah and R. C. Oglesby in attendance. Others present were County Administrator Gary Cobb, Public Works Director Rick Haney, Road Superintendent Ronnie Dickerson, and Sun reporter Mark Lanford.


The meeting had been previously advertised and the press notified. The meeting agenda was major road issues.


        Georgia Highway Pavers (GHP) has written that they need a $3.55/ton increase in their contract (not signed as yet) before they will accept the job. This is for the resurfacing of Nancy Hart School and Montevideo Roads. Rick Haney has estimated the average asphalt price has gone up $2.00/ton. This project was publicly bid. Since the contract has not been signed, the GHP can either agree to do the project for $1 less than the other bidder or we will re-bid the job. The County Administrator was directed to pursue this matter with GHP. It was not known, but suspected, that the DOT will not provide for an increase over the contract amount.


        Allocation of remaining SPLOST Road Funds.

County Administrator presented the status of Roads SPLOST expenditures and reimbursements from the DOT. Net result is about $1.5 million remaining. Proposal made that $183,000 be set aside for uncertainty in assumption, $117,000 for remaining FY00 maintenance and $200,000 for FY01 maintenance leaving $1,000,000 for road/bridge improvements. After further discussion there was consensus that these figures were a good approximation of our status as of March 1, 2000.


Motion by Commissioner Oglesby, second by Commissioner Burdick that:

$200,000 be allocated to each commissioner district, with a set aside of $500,000 to cover FY00, FY01 maintenance and contingencies. Further any additions to the road-grading list or other road/bridge lists will require Board of Commissioner approval.


After much discussion, the vote was taken. With Chairman Moore voting no, the motion passed 4-1.


        The County Administrator and Public Works Director were directed to advertise not only for a FY00 grading contract but also a FY00 base and asphalt contract. The list of roads to include was agreed upon.


        Motion by Commissioner Oglesby and second by Commissioner Brown that $5,000 of the approximated $13,000 federal reimbursement for the ice storm be used to run water to the Fire Training Facility. Motion passed 5-0.


Meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.




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Joel Moore, Chairman Gary S. Cobb, County Administrator