Hart County Board of Commissioners

Planning Meeting

March 27th, 2000



The Hart County Board of Commissioners met March 27th, 2000 for the Planning Meeting at 4:30 p.m. in the Hart County Administration & Emergency Services Center.


Chairman Joel Moore presided with Commissioners Ken Brown and Harry Hannah in attendance. Others attending were Chuck Lattuada, Kim Wilkerson, Mark Lanford, Rick Haney, Gary Cobb, Forrest Ferguson, Craig Lewis, Max Gordon, Jennifer Paynter, Burkley Heaton, Randy Bannister and Representative Alan Powell.


Chairman Moore opened the meeting at 4:30 p.m. After brief remarks, Chuck Lattuada was recognized and addressed the BOC on several Health Department issues. He discussed the possibility of an additional Health Department employee to assist in the food inspection area. This person would be shared with another county. Mr. Lattuada said the Hart County Health Board was considering a regulation that would require a trained "food handler" on duty at all times at restaurants. Training would be offered to people. To be effective, this regulation would need to be a county ordinance. As a final item, Mr. Lattuada discussed the State board's action to make last year's one-acre minimum lot requirement a recommendation.


Forrest Ferguson and Craig Lewis reviewed with the BOC the history and status of the six flood control ponds in Hart County. They reported if the county would hydraseed #8, we could receive a $2,000 reimbursement. No. 17 & 8 are considered category 1 structures (loss of life could occur if they fail) and have some reimbursements available. The discussion evolved to whom was responsible for maintenance. They reported both the county and the Broad River Conservation were. Recent maintenance agreements received by the county indicate that the county alone is responsible. They said they would clarify this and return the documents.


Representative Powell was asked to review State law as it pertains to the gaming industry. His remarks indicated that sufficient laws are in place and that committed law enforcement is required. Representative Powell also gave his views on the process of how rules and regulations were developed from legislation in the area of well and septic tank rules. He reported on the appropiration for the Golf Club site Conference Center and gave his opinion on the REP legislation.


County Attorney reported the DHR wants to sign their lease on the DFACS facility April 6th, 2000. Details from the Attorney General's office on the lease were unavailable Monday March 27th. The BOC was reluctant to commit to a lease they had not reviewed.


County Administrator's Report


1.                  GHP have agreed to a revised contract amount for the Nancy Hart/Montevideo Roads resurfacing project. The increased amount was $4,972.40 due to increased price of asphalt. Item to be placed on the consent agenda.

2.                  Termite Treatment of County Buildings

Due to swarming termites at the Health Department Building, termite treatment bids were solicited from three vendors. Two responded. The low bid was $9,190 for initial treatment and $1,475 annual renewal. The buildings included were Library, District Attorney, Courthouse and Annex, Health Department and Senior Center. The Health Department has already been treated due to the emergency. The second bid was $17,197 and $1,766 for renewal. Item to be placed on the consent agenda.

3.                  Extension of City Water lines at Hodges Mill Road and to the Fire Training Facility.

The City's material estimate is $55,000.00 discussion went to how the county funds the project. Several options were identified. No decision required at this time for source of funds. Put amount authorized on the consent agenda.

4.                  Library Parking Lot striping

Need was discussed per letter from the Library board. Public Works Director to see if the City of Hartwell has equipment to do the job.

5.                  Road Grading, Paving Information

Several spreadsheets were reviewed on estimated costs to grade, apply base and grade roads. Bids for these services will be opened at the April 11 meeting.


Chairman's Report


Chairman Moore discussed the April 4, 2000 DOL meeting in Clarkesville. He suggested and encouraged each commissioner to contact ACCG and sign up for a committee.


        Little League opening day is April 15th, 2000.

        Lt. Governor will be in White County April 21st to discuss the One Georgia Program.

        The topic of whether the county should participate in the Federal Flood Insurance program was reviewed. No action was taken.

        Status of Project Gateway was given.


Old Business

No change in the agenda.


New Business

No change in the agenda.


Commissioner Brown entered a motion to exit into executive session to discuss personnel issues. Commissioner Hannah provided a second to the motion. The motion carried unanimously. The resolution and affidavit is recorded in the "1999-2000" minutes book.


With no further decisions made during executive session, Commissioner Brown entered a motion to exit executive session and adjourn the meeting. Commissioner Hannah provided a second to the motion. The motion carried unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.




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Joel Moore, Chairman Gary S. Cobb, County Administrator