Hart County Board of Commissioners

Called Planning Meeting

May 30th, 2000

9:30 a.m.



The Hart County Board of Commissioners met May 30th, 2000 at 9:30 a.m. in the Hart County Administrative & Emergency Services Center.


Chairman Joel Moore presided with Commissioners Ken Brown, Don Burdick, Harry Hannah and R. C. Oglesby in attendance. County Administrator Gary S. Cobb and Public Work Director Rick Haney were also in attendance.


Chairman Moore opened the meeting at 9:30 a.m. The agenda was reviewed and accepted.


1.      a)   Resurfacing Status

All roads that were scheduled for resurfacing during this time are complete. They have not been striped. A spec sheet is being prepared for the project. The striping is expected to cost $10,000 for all roads.


b)     Landfill Maintenance

Work is progressing and two additional weeks are required. The county is working toward a July 15th, 2000 EPD letter deadline.


2.      Identified Projects

a)     Pointe Road

Sandy Moore is currently doing a funding assessment. DOT funding was requested and is possible but chances are slim. Decision made to move Pointe Road to in-house grade/base/pave to place on the list after Lakeshore Circle and before Bent Creek. If DOT funding is not received by the time this work is scheduled, Commissioner Burdick will consider paving it from his District allocation. Rick was directed to do a cost estimate on the road and also on Popular Street.


b) Speedway Road

We still do not have the right-of-way from Mrs. Brown. It was suggested that Commissioner Moore and Burdick visit Mrs. Brown (lives in Atlanta) with a right-of-way document and seek her signature. If that fails, then start condemnation proceedings. (After the meeting, a signed copy of the ROW document was received by Walter Gordon but was not notarized).


c) Rick Haney was directed to check the status of 2000 grading contract.


d) Add remaining roads to be resurfaced to appropriate category.


e)     Proposed Whitworth Project

Joel reviewed the meeting he, Gary and Rick attended with the Whitworth Detention Center officials. They asked our help to grade and fill the site for their two new buildings. Also, discussed was their need for a new entrance road to Hickory Crossing. Along with the new entrance is a need for a new parking lot. We asked their assistance in building the county's equipment shed, expansion of Harvey's office, the Fire Training Facility classroom, burn building and the county's need for an additional road crew with a van. No commitment was made. Their time estimate for the grading work was 1 to 2 weeks. Rick visited the site after it was staked. His estimate for grading is four weeks. Commissioners agreed to devote three Road Department personnel for four weeks to complete the project. It was also decided to work with them on the new road with the understanding that the DOT/Prisons would be totally responsible for the cost and construction of the road.


f)        The City of Hartwell would be allocated $26,424 for their Johnson Street project. Funds would be from Commissioner Oglesby and Hannah's District allocation. The city's request was to purchase the material and deliver it to their yard. There was one $3,000 item for three removal which will be paid when invoiced. It is the county's understanding that the city will provide all labor except for paving and they will get the DOT contract for the asphalt. More details are in Phil Hertz' May 23rd letter to the Commissioners. Paving would not be done before next spring.


  1. The City of Hartwell's Firing Range

Would be done after all county projects.


3.      Priorities


June 1st - July 1st

Three personnel at Whitworth

Finish Landfill Maintenance

Start In-house grade/base/pave


July 1st or when DOT funding approved

St. John CME

Kings Bench


Complete In-house grade/base/pave


Ridge Road


Remaining roads to resurface


Remaining DOT funded roads, as funds become available


The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.




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Joel Moore, Chairman                               Gary S. Cobb, County Administrator