Hart County Board of Commissioners

November 14th, 2000

Executive Session


Chairman Moore called Executive session to order. Those present were Commissioners Burdick, Brown, Oglesby and Moore. Also present were Gary Cobb, County Administrator and Walter Gordon, County Attorney.


        Real estate


The County Administrator reviewed plans and issues of the new Literacy Center. The recently approved SPLOST allocated $300,000 to build a basement, purchase adjacent land and build a parking lot on that property. The architect has determined that a 37-car parking lot can be constructed on the property immediately adjacent to the new Literacy Center. Laurie Lewis presently owns the property. Ms. Lewis was contacted about a year ago concerning her interest in selling the county the property. She showed no interest at that time.


The commissioners directed the County Administrator and the County Attorney to contact Ms. Lewis and determine whether she would be interested in selling the property at a market-appraised value. She could select the appraiser. The property is zoned residential and is presently has a $4,800 value on it from the Tax Assessors Office. The commissioners also expressed a willingness to condemn the property if necessary and authorized the County Administrator and Attorney to convey this in a diplomatic and professional manner. An actual vote would be taken in the future based on the discussion with Ms. Lewis.


Motion by Commissioner Burdick, 2nd by Commissioner Brown to go out of Executive Session. Vote 4-0.


Motion by Commissioner Burdick, 2nd by Commissioner Brown to adjourn regular meeting. Vote 4-0. Time 6:46 p.m.





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Joel Moore, Chairman Gary S. Cobb, County Administrator