Hart County Board of Commissioners

October 10th, 2000

5:30 p.m.



The Hart County Board of Commissioners met October 10th, 2000 at 5:30 p.m. in the Hart County Administrative & Emergency Services Center.


Chairman Joel Moore presided with Commissioners Don Burdick, Harry Hannah and R. C. Oglesby in attendance. Commissioner Ken Brown absent.


Call to Order, Welcome, Moment of Silence


Chairman Moore called the meeting to order, welcomed those in attendance and called for a moment of silence.


Approve Agenda


Commissioner Burdick entered a motion to approve the meeting agenda as presented. Commissioner Hannah provided a second to the motion. The motion carried unanimously. The agenda is recorded in the "2000-2001" minutes book.


Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting(s)

09/25th, 09/26th, 2000


Commissioner Hannah entered a motion to approve the minutes of the meetings held September 25th and 26th, 2000 as presented. Commissioner Burdick provided a second to the motion. The motion carried unanimously.


Remarks by Invited Guests, Committees, Authorities, Etc.

a.                  Deborah Gaines/Clean & Beautiful


Ms. Gaines, Clean & Beautiful Coordinator, reported she is working with High School students on a recycling program, goes into schools to promote recycling, does radio programs, speaks at civic clubs and is asking for volunteers for adopt a highway program. Ms. Gaines reported Representative Allen Powell would be the guest speaker at the Clean & Beautiful recognition dinner for volunteers to be held October 17th, 2000.


Commissioner Burdick invited couples to get involved in the adopt a highway program.


Chairman Moore thanked Ms. Gaines for her participation in the Clean & Beautiful program.


Reports By Constitutional Officers & Department Heads


County Attorney Walter Gordon reported the Hart County Water & Sewer Utility Authority accepted Water Management Inc. bid for the water line construction on Highway 29N.


Attorney Gordon also wanted to verify matters with regards to the beer and wine application submitted by Curran Smith and discussed at the September 26th, 2000 meeting. He reported the property leased in its entirety to Abundant Life Church measured 340 yards from the door of Mr. Smith's establishment to the property line of the church. He said the distance was measured from both entrances of the store and neither met the distance requirement as provided in the Beer & Wine Ordinance. He reported the county surveyor took the measurements and the results are provided in writing.




County Administrator's Report


County Administrator Gary Cobb did not have anything to report.


Chairman's Report


Chairman Moore reported he attended the ACCG Legislative Planning Session August 18th, 2000 and was on the agenda to discuss problems associated with video poker. He reported that he received support from the entire group to discuss with State Legislators a proposal to outlaw all video gaming machines or provide counties with more control over the issue. Chairman Moore asked the community to continue to converse and correspond with Legislators about their concerns with video gaming machines.


Chairman Moore also made a public announcement of a series of Public Information Meetings to discuss the need, uses, and other details concerning the Special Local Option Sales Tax that will be on the November 7th, 2000 ballot as follows:

        Bio, Nancy Hart 10/16/00 Bio Fire Station

        Goldmine, Bowersville, Vanna 10/19/00 Goldmine Fire Station

        Central, City of Hartwell 10/26/00 Central Fire Station

        Reed Creek 10/30/00 Reed Creek Fire Station

        Shoal Creek 10/31/00 Shoal Creek Fire Station


Commissioners' Reports


Commissioner Burdick remarked that anyone could attend any meetings held by the Board of Commissioners.


Consent Agenda

a.                  FY'01 LARP List

b.                  Pallet Road

c.                  Land Development Standards variance/Hays et al property

d.                  Job Description/Road Dept. Foreman

e.                  Job Title change/Chief Jailer to Jail Administrator


Chairman Moore requested item a. FY'01 LARP list be moved to New Business.


Commissioner Burdick entered a motion to approve the Consent Agenda and move FY'01 LARP list to New Business. Commissioner Hannah provided a second to the motion. The motion carried unanimously. The Consent Agenda is recorded in the "2000-2001" minutes book.


Old Business

a.                  Gaines Court


Commissioner Hannah entered a motion to accept Gaines Court on the county road system. Commissioner Burdick provided a second to the motion. The motion was open for discussion.


Commissioner Oglesby stated he wanted to clarify that he did not accuse anyone of being a racist and opposed a statement by Paul Martin at a Planning Session he attended.


Commissioner Hannah said Florence Gaines, the previous owner of the property on Gaines Court, knew what the county requirements were and he did not pursue developing the property. He said he talked with Mr. Gaines and he did not indicate the county's decision to not accept the road into the road system when he owned the property as being a racial issue.


Chairman Moore said Commissioner Oglesby who contended the issue was a racial decision personally attacked him. He said Mr. Martin has met the requirements, the County Attorney has reviewed all the right-of-way deeds and certified them.


Commissioner Oglesby remarked that he did not say Chairman Moore was a racist.


Commissioner Oglesby opposed accepting Gaines Court into the county road system. The motion carried 3-1.


New Business

a.                  FY'01 LARP List


Chairman Moore explained the LARP list has fourteen county roads for resurfacing on it and the board is asking the Legislators to support the request.


After discussing the issue, Commissioner Hannah entered a motion to remove 12 and 13 from the list and submit as a separate program for Federal assistance. Commissioner Burdick provided a second to the motion. The motion carried unanimously.


Public Comments

J. B. Weaver explained the experience he has had with the Tax Assessors' office over an appeal of his tax assessment. He reported he presented his case and is disappointed with Tax Assessor Ken Fetta, in that he would not take in consideration a track of land that is all timber. He said Margaret Crossley remarked that they don't consider timber unless there is a timber deed. Of which, he felt was breaking the law. He voiced his disappointment that he is not allowed an exemption for utility lines crossing a section of his property and his farm value is higher than others in the area. He said he requested and received a copy of the tax digest on a compact disc, which he could not retrieve information he needed. He said in summary the government gives utilities companies a right to run a right-of-way across property that property owner can not utilize and is hard to sell.


Virgil Ayers remarked that the county is in violation of the Land Development Standards Ordinance by accepting Gaines Court into the road system.


Mr. Ayers inquired about the consolidation of the City of Hartwell and County dispatching to the Administrative building. He asked how many employees would it require and what additional cost or how much will it save to consolidate dispatch functions.


Chairman Moore responded it will take one additional employee and currently the county has three full time and three part time employees for dispatching.


Commissioner Burdick reported the new 911 system would enhance the service that is now provided.


Chairman Moore reported the 911 committee has reviewed four vendors to supply the 911 enhancement and have not made a decision yet.


Commissioner Oglesby remarked that a final decision has not been made to consolidate dispatching.


Commissioner Burdick responded that the City of Hartwell wants to commit to the consolidation.


Mr. Ayers wanted to know about the status of resurfacing Vanna Road and Bakers Bridge. Chairman Moore explained the DOT determines which roads to approve and agrees Vanna Road is the worse road in the county. Mr. Ayers requested the county make an attempt to patch the road.

Wade Fleming complained about a road being blocked by an individual years ago that goes to property owned by him. Commissioner Oglesby asked if the road was a county, public or private road. Mr. Fleming responded the road was a private road. Commissioner Oglesby stated the county couldn't work a private road.


Commissioner Burdick entered a motion to adjourn the meeting. Commissioner Hannah provided a second to the motion. The motion carried unanimously.




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Joel Moore, Chairman Lawana Kahn, County Clerk