Hart County Board of Commissioners

Planning Meeting

September 11th, 2000

4:30 p.m.



Chairman Moore opened the meeting at 4:30 p.m. Those in attendance were: Commissioners Burdick, Oglesby and Hannah, Billy Ray Vickery, Nan Harbison, Walter Gordon, Gary Cobb, Rick Haney, Paul Martin, Joey Dorsey, and Mark Lanford (reporter for the Hartwell Sun).


Nan Harbison was introduces as the new Fire Training Officer. Billy Ray Vickery, Fire Chief, updated the Hart County Board of Commissioners on the ISO status. He said that additional testing of some of our pumpers was required before his paper work would be in order and then he would forward the paperwork to ISO and then they would schedule their visit.


The draft minutes of the previous meetings were reviewed and minor corrections noted.


Paul Martin was recognized. He was requesting that Gaines Court be taken into the County Road System. Chairman Moore reviewed the "history" of Gaines Court. The matter is documented in the October 27th, 1998 Hart County Board of Commissioners minutes page 167. After much discussion, it was decided to put the matter on the September 26th, 2000 Agenda. This would provide adequate time to investigate the property ownership along Gaines Court.


County Administrator's Report


        Need for a negotiated Change Order (CO) on the Memorial Bridge Project was discussed. The Road Department has attempted to demolish the existing bridge abutments but our equipment is inadequate. To rent adequate equipment would cost approximately the same as having the contractor perform the work. The CO is for $4,000. It was decided to place the issue on the consent agenda.

        The Hospital Board has requested the Hart County Board of Commissioners' recommendation on two positions whose terms expire in December. The present people in those positions are willing to serve another term per Mr. Clark's letter of August 15th, 2000. The Hart County Board of Commissioners directed that the matter be placed on the consent agenda.

        The County Administrator proposed an update to the county's purchasing policy. There was a discussion of the major points. The matter will be further discussed at the September 25th, 2000 Planning Session.

        LARP List - The Hart County Board of Commissioners discussed their roads to be included on our LARP List. The Public Works Director was directed to rate all unrated roads on the list. Matter will be considered at the September 25th, 2000 meeting.

        Status Report given on E911 Committee activity. Two sites have been visited. The remaining two sites will be visited on September 14th & 18th.

        The Sheriff Department Uniform Allowance Policy was discussed. Because of possible personnel changes after January 1st, 2001, the October 2000 uniform checks will be 1/2 of the usual amount. The remaining 1/2 will be paid in mid January.

        Rick Haney briefed the Hart County Board of Commissioners on Landfill Closure Status. It was concluded that additional data was needed in the area of possible on/off-site water issues.

        It was confirmed that the Hart County Board of Commissioners was the responsible party to consider any and all proposals for changes or addition to the Court House Property.

        The County Administrator explained the status of the HB489 Sewer SDS update required by the DEA. A formal request will be submitted to Royston and Hartwell.

        The County Administrator requested the possible need for consulting services for evaluating the Medical Insurance Proposals. Funds would be from the Contingency Fund. Approval given.


Chairman's Reports


        Reviewed conversation he had with Department of Revenue concerning video poker activities in the county.

        Announced and reviewed the letter covering the State Senate Committee meeting to be held her on October 2nd, 2000.

        Announced his planned attendance at the September 13th, 2000 ACCG Meeting in Macon where he will speak about the recently enacted Arcade Ordinance.

        Suggested that a redistricting committee be formed to study the census data when available, and to advise the Hart County Board of Commissioners in this area. Walter Gordon suggested that as little as possible alteration be made in the district lines.


Motion by Commissioner Burdick to go into executive session for the purpose of Real Estate discussion and legal matters. Commissioner Hannah seconded the motion. Vote was 4 - 0. The affidavit and resolution is recorded in the "2000-2001" minutes book.




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Joel Moore, Chairman Gary S. Cobb, County Administrator