Hart County Board of Commissioners

September 11th, 2000

Executive Session



Chairman Moore called the Executive Session to order. Present were Commissioners Hannah, Oglesby and Burdick; Gary Cobb and Walter Gordon.


The purpose of the meeting was to discuss acquisition of property adjacent to the library for additional parking and to discuss the Take Back Georgia Law Suit.


County Administrator Gary Cobb explained the issue of finding additional parking space at the library when the new Literacy Center is built. One option is the purchase or lease of a strip of land approximately 15'x157' immediately to the left of the entrance driveway. Mrs. Hutchinson presently owns the property. After discussing different options, the BOC authorized the County Attorney to approach Mrs. Hutchinson concerning her willingness to sell the county an option to purchase the strip of property at fair market value. This authorization was on a motion by Commissioner Moore, second by Commissioner Hannah and passed 4-0.


Walter Gordon briefed the board on the status of the lawsuit.


On motion by Commissioner Oglesby, second by Commission Burdick, vote 4-0, meeting was adjourned. All commissioners present signed the affidavit.




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Joel Moore, Chairman                           Gary S. Cobb, County Administrator