Hart County Board of Commissioners

April 17th, 2002

12 noon


The Hart County Board of Commissioners met April 17th, 2002 at 12 noon at the Hart County Library facility.


The following were in attendance: City of Hartwell Mayor Beasley, Council Herbert Maret, Sarah Mayfield, George Rooks, Ed Weaver, City Manager Phil Hertz, Commission Chairman Joey Dorsey, Commissioners Randy Banister, Ken Brown, Don Burdick, R. C. Oglesby, County Attorney Walter Gordon, County Administrator Gary Cobb, County Clerk Lawana Kahn, Nathan Golden (Independent reporter) and Robert Rider (Hartwell Sun).


Mayor Beasley stated the purpose of the meeting was a continuation of the discussion of the 1%LOST. He remarked that the City of Hartwell is the county seat and the business hub for Hart County. Adding that Hartwell provides City services for most County-operated administrative facilities located in the city. He said the services provided play a major role in the sales tax revenue collected for Hart County and is the most significant factor to be considered when allocating sales tax revenue.


Mayor Beasley stated that the City officials have agreed to ask for 25 percent of the tax based on their population estimates and services.


Commissioner Banister presented information using the tax digest to determine the distribution of the LOST revenues. He remarked that the percentage discussed would be the most equitable and fair distribution for the all the county and city taxpayers.


County Administrator Gary Cobb presented a list of services that are available in Hartwell that are primarily fund by the county such as the Library, Literacy Center, Recreation Park, EMS and the 911 system.


After discussing the digest and population distribution Mayor Beasley requested that the City continue to receive 23% distribution.


It was decided to meet in two weeks to discuss the negotiations.


The meeting was adjourned.




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Joey Dorsey, Chairman                         Lawana Kahn, County Clerk