Hart County Board of Commissioners

March 27th, 2002

12 noon



The Hart County Board of Commissioners met March 27th, 2002 at 12 noon at the Hart County Library.


Chairman Joey Dorsey presided with Commissioners Ken Brown, Don Burdick and R. C. Oglesby in attendance. Commissioner Randy Banister absent.


Also in attendance were Mayor Matt Beasley, City Council Members, George Rooks, Sarah Mayfield, Herbert Maret, Ed Weaver, City Manager Phil Hertz, Mayor Steve Williams, City Manager Susan Brooks, County Attorney Walter Gordon, County Administrator Gary Cobb, Robert Rider (Sun Reporter) and Nathan Golden (Anderson Independent).


Chairman Dorsey called the meeting to order, welcomed those in attendance and turned the meeting over to County Attorney Gordon.


County Attorney Gordon reviewed the 1%LOST renegotition terms as set by the General Assembly. He reported that if the county and municipalities do not reach an agreement the tax would end December 31st, 2002. He stressed that the governing bodies need to work rapidly to come up with an equitable solution within the next sixty days or go to arbitration or mediation.


Commissioner Burdick remarked that the purpose of the 1%LOST is to rollback property taxes. Attorney Gordon added that the law instituting the 1% sales tax required that the first year go directly to property tax relief.


Chairman Dorsey stated that the county proposes using the county tax digest to establish the percentages governing bodies should receive. Attorney Gordon added that originally the tax digest was used as a basis to determine the allocation of funds.


County Administrator Gary Cobb reported that Mayor John Bailey expressed his desire to allocate the 1%LOST funds by population.


City Manager Phil Hertz reported that the City of Hartwell is challenging the 2000 census figures.


City of Royston Mayor Steve Williams also reported that they are contesting the census figures.


After discussing the renegotiations Chairman Dorsey suggested scheduling another meeting after the City of Hartwell and Royston has had time to meet with council members to discuss the sales tax.


The next scheduled meeting would be held April 17th, at 12 noon.


Chairman Dorsey adjourned the meeting.




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Joey Dorsey, Chairman                                    Lawana Kahn, County Clerk