Executive Session

May 14th, 2002



Chairman Dorsey called the Executive Session to order. Present were Commissioners Dorsey, Brown, Burdick and Banister. Also present were Walter Gordon and Gary Cobb.


1.         Potential Litigation 


Walter Gordon briefed the Board on a potential litigation matter.


2.                  Real Estate  - Potential Land Swap with the Catholic Church 


Gary Cobb briefed the Board on his two recent meetings with members of the Catholic Church concerning the possibility of a land swap. The potential swap would be between the land located adjacent to the church fronting Hwy #77 owned by the County and the Catholic Church's property at the rear of their parcel adjacent to the county's new recreation park. The pros and cons of such a swap were discussed. The present value as a potential second park entrance and the future value as a commercial parcel were considered more strategic to the county's plan than acquiring adjacent property for future recreational use. The County Administrator was directed to communicate the Board's position to the church.


During the discussion, it was identified that the strip of land between the church and EMC should be excluded from the DNR Grant Package. Also, the County Administrator was directed to prepare a plan for disposing the present single story house on this strip.


Motion by Chairman Dorsey to adjourn the Executive Session was made and seconded by Commissioner Brown. Vote 4-0.


The regular meeting was reconvened with the same attendance as the Executive Session with the addition of Robert Rider and Jeff Schneck Sun Reporter.


Motion by Commissioner Burdick to adjourn. Second by Commissioner Brown. Vote 4-0. Time 8:30 p.m.



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Joey Dorsey, Chairman                                    Gary S. Cobb, County Administrator