Hart County Board of Commissioners

May 9th, 2002

12 noon



The Hart County Board of Commissioners met May 9th, 2002 at 12 noon in the Hart County Library.


Those in attendance were as follows: Chairman Dorsey, Commissioners Randy Banister, Don Burdick, R. C. Oglesby, County Attorney Walter Gordon, County Administrator Gary Cobb, County Clerk Lawana Kahn, Mayor Matt Beasley, City Council members, Herbert Maret, Sarah Mayfield, George Rooks, Ed Weaver, Manager Phil Hertz, Robert Rider, Judy Salter (Sun reporters) and Nathan Golden (Anderson Independent).


Chairman Dorsey called the meeting to order and offered the City of Hartwell 16% of LOST distribution based on the tax digest.


Attorney Gordon stated the distribution in 1991 was based on the tax digest, which was a fair method. He added that in 1995 an agreement was met based on the 1990 census.


Mayor Beasley stated that the consensus of the City Council is to recommend 23%, which is the current percentage rate. He stated that the services the City offers and the population should be used as a factor. He voiced his concern that if the matter goes to arbitration that the City could be awarded 40%. He presented a comparison of the LOST distribution of neighboring counties and the state average distribution.


After discussing the matter at length County Attorney Gordon asked for direction to proceed with an arbitrator or mediator.


Mayor Beasley remarked that he and the City Council members would need to discuss the matter with the City attorney.


Meeting adjourned.





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Joey Dorsey, Chairman                          Lawana Kahn, County Clerk