Hart County Board of Commissioners

September 23rd, 2002

Budget Work Session

5:30 p.m.





The Hart County Board of Commissioners met September 23rd, 2002 budget work session at 5:30 p.m. in the Hart County Administrative & Emergency Services Center.


Chairman Dorsey called the meeting to order. All commissioners were present. Gary Cobb was also present. The meeting agenda was a final review of the FY03 Budgets and associated policies.




Because the actual FY02 budget number on the working papers was incorrect, the County Administrator asked the Board to review their budget again. Motion by Oglesby, 2nd by Banister not to reconsider the DFAC'S budget. Vote was 1-4 with Banister voting yes. A request was made to have the DFACS Director provide the Board with details of his total budget.


Motion by Oglesby, 2nd by Burdick to increase the DFACS Budget by $2,000 to $62,000.




Librarian Richard Sanders had appeared before the Board on September 10, 2002 and had provided additional information via mail concerning his budget request. After a brief discussion, motion by Banister, 2nd by Dorsey to leave budget as is. Vote 5-0.



        Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber made a written request to increase their budget to provide for updating their Web Site. After discussion, motion by Oglesby, 2nd by Brown to provide $1,500 from SPLOST II Economic Development funds for this purpose. Vote 5-0.



        Yard Waste Disposal Fee

Motion by Oglesby, second by Burdick to increase yard waste disposal fee from $20/ton to $21/ton. Vote 5-0.



        Grade Classification of Maintenance Shop Welder

Motion by Burdick, 2nd by Oglesby to change the Grade Classification of the Welder from a 16 to a 15 and to replace one mechanic position with a welder position. Vote 5-0. This action does not change the authorized "head count".



        Chad Phillips - Prior Experience Credit

Due to an oversight, the Sheriff has requested that Chad Phillips receive 2 years credit for prior service. Motion to grant 2 year's credit, effective with the next paycheck, was made by Oglesby, 2nd by Burdick. Vote 5-0.



        County wide Salary Increase

After a lengthily discussion considering all aspects of the county employees compensation and benefits package, Commissioner Oglesby made a motion to set FY03 raise at 3.0% Second by Brown. Vote 5-0.



        Sick Leave

Motion by Burdick second by Brown that effective FY03; sick leave may be accumulated with no cap. Unused days will be reimbursed when en employee leaves county employment. Vote 5-0.


Motion by Burdick, second by Brown to adjourn. Vote 5-0.





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Joey Dorsey, Chairman Gary S. Cobb, County Administrator