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New Recreation Center

Architect's Rendering:
Proposed Multi-purpose Building for the Recreation Department 

Watching it Happen
Recently completed Multi-purpose Building

Site of the new Recreation Center Project
before construction began

SPLOST II has allocated approximately $1,020,000 for recreation of which approximately $925,000 will be available for the development of phase 1. Phase 1 will involve grading of the entire site (almost complete), construct of roads and a parking lot, and four baseball fields with amenities. The budget for construction of Phase 1 is included below.


December 11, 2002
Jon Caime
Hart County Public Works Director

The current estimates for phase 1 exceed the funds available. We will be making decisions in early FY03 to determine what components will not be constructed now so that we will have funds available to complete the components that will be constructed.

A master plan has been developed for future phases which at this point may not be developed until after 2006. Future phases should be further evaluated to determine what is to be built and what the costs will but a very rough budget is:
Phase 2: $1,000,000
Phase 3: $1,500,000
Phase 4: $1,000,000

Phase 1a: Earthwork ($285,000)
Grading of Entire Site.
Estimated Completion: December 2002
Engineering: $10,000
Construction: $250,000
Contingency (10%) $25,000

Phase 1b Ballfield Construction (tentative budget: $440,000):
This is to have ballfields that are ready for play. All underground utilities are in place to avoid destroying any fine grading, fencing, grass etc. Only the minimal utilities and amenities are included in this work. This work must be completely funded all at once. Once a design has been completed we can have a more accurate budget for the tentative budget items below. This is especially true with the site utilities estimates which are currently based on the Master Plan estimate.

Bid: June 2003
Construction Begin: July 2003
Construction Complete: February 2004

Lazer grading (accurate estimate) $65,000
Grassing (accurate estimate) $60,000
Irrigation (accurate estimate) $35,000
Parking/roads stone mtl. (labor is Road Dept., accurate estimate ) $25,000
Paving, curb & gutter, pipe, catch basins mtl. (Road Dept. labor, accurate) $55,000
Site Water (tentative estimate) $6,250
Fencing (includes dugouts and backstops, accurate estimate) $55,000
Scoreboards (accurate estimate) $10,000
Signage (Entrance Sign, limited interior signage, accurate estimate) $3,000
Gas Service (tentative estimate) $6,250
Site Sewer (tentative estimate) $11,250
Stormwater structures/piping (tentative estimate) $17,000
Electrical service (tentative estimate) $25,000
Telephone service (tentative estimate) $6,250
Bleachers, benches, bases etc. (accurate estimate) $30,000
Engineering/Design (This includes phase 1b,1c &1d): $25,000

Phase 1c Priority Ballfield Amenities (tentative budget: $619,000):
This work involves priority amenities that are part of the phase 1 master plan. While most of these work items can be funded independently some of these work items should be constructed at the same time. All budget estimates are tentative.

Bid: June 2003
Construction Begin: July 2003
Construction Complete: February 2004

Concession Building/Restrooms: $250,000
Ballfield lighting $320,000
Site Lighting: $44,000
In Park Signage: $5,000

Phase 1d Remaining Phase 1 Ammenities (tentative budget: $208,000):
This is the remaining amenties that were included in the Phase 1 master plan. These work items can be independently funded. All budget estimates are tentative.

Schedule: 2005

Batting Cages: $6,000
Site Landscaping/irrigation: $25,000
Sidewalks $50,000
Picnic Shelters: $15,000
Playground: $39,500
Maintenance Building $47,500
Misc. (benches, trash recept., etc..) $25,000