July 26, 2004

HCBOC Work Session

A Hart County Board of Commissioners work session was held 5:00.  Present were; all Hart County Board of Commissioners, County Administrator Jon Caime, and members of the press (WKLY radio, Hartwell Sun).

The following issues were discussed:

1.  Scheduling of budget meetings with department heads, budget managers, and constitutional officers:

CA Caime explained that this year he has asked the DH/BM/CO if they desire or need to meet with the HCBOC.  Each department would have an opportunity to meet with the HCBOC if they asked for a meeting and the HCBOC agreed to meet with them.  Caime explained what his recommendation to the HCBOC would be on their budget and those that agreed with the recommendation and/or do not have a particular topic that needs further explanation decided to not request a meeting with the HCBOC.

The HCBOC decided that this year we would wait until we had a chance to review the budget requests prior to meeting with the DH/CO/BM.

2.  Schedule Work Sessions through August:

A proposed schedule for work sessions for August was presented by CA Caime.

3.  Discussion on Bidding of Liability Insurance:

CA Caime asked the HCBOC if they wanted to bid out the Liability Insurance and he explained that last year it was not bid.  The HCBOC decided that this would be placed out for bid.

4.  Presentation of Second Draft Expenditure Budget:

CA Caime presented the HCBOC with a second draft general fund budget.  Some discussion took place on this draft.

5.  Presentation of Revenues Report and Analysis:

CA Caime presented a report on the revenues.  Some discussion took place on this report.

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Daniel W. Reyen, Chairman                                          Jon Caime, Interim County Admin.