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Hart County Planning
The Planning Department section of Public Works manages all County planning, Environmental enforcement, Building Permits, Transportation Permits, and enforcement of the Subdivision regulations. 

  Subdivision of land/recording plats: Any parcel of land that is subdivided into two or more parcels is regulated in Hart County. Small subdivisions of land less than 5 parcels can be simple however larger than 5 parcels may require more extensive work. Numerous guidance sheets and other documents are available to guide a person through the approval process.

To re-record an existing subdivision of land, proof of prior recording is required. This can be a recorded deed, recorded plat or the last remaining tract of a previously recorded and subdivided tract of land. Simple determinations of previously recorded subdivisions can be directly recorded at the Clerk of Courts office (such as re recorded an existing recorded plat). Interpretative re-recordings may require review of the Public Works department.  

  Environmental Enforcement: Illegal dumping of trash, tires etc… is controlled by this division. To report a problem email: pwdirector_at_hartcom.net.This division also issues and regulates land disturbance permits.

  Planning: Hart County Public Works Planning Division produces and/or maintains the County’s numerous long range plans including the comprehensive plan, Solid Waste Management plan, Greenspace program, and operational plans.