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Welcome to Paynes Creek Campground

518 Ramp Rd


District One Michael Bennett

The park is open from March 1 - October 31
Gate hours are 7:00AM - 10:00PM

Make a Reservation

This property is County owned. We reserve the right to refuse service to and also to remove anyone, at any time, that does not comply with the campground rules, or for any reason deemed a safety concern to themselves or other guests. We are not responsible for accidents or injury to our guests, or for the loss of personal property.

Paynes Creek is a steep to moderately sloping 399-acre site covered with mixed pines and hardwoods. The site presently offers camping and boat launching facilities as well as a multi-purpose trail. Existing facilities include 1 gatehouse/entrance, 2 park attendant campsites, 44 public use camp sites with full water and electric hookups, 3 comfort stations (2 with showers), 1 courtesy dock at ramp within campground, 3 playgrounds, 2 designated swim areas/ beaches, 1 nine mile multi-purpose trail, and associated paved roads and parking areas throughout.

Hartwell Lake is a man-made lake bordering Georgia and South Carolina on the Savannah, Tugaloo and Seneca Rivers. The Hartwell Project was originally authorized for hydro-power, flood control, and navigation. Later, recreation, water quality, water supply and fish and wildlife management were added. Surrounding vegetation allows for plenty of shade, and the 962 miles of shoreline provide numerous swimming beaches, picnic areas and boat ramps.

Boating, fishing, swimming, water skiing and jet skiing are popular activities on Hartwell Lake. Visitors also enjoy local hiking and biking trails.

From I-85, take GA Exit 177, proceed south on GA Highway 77 for 5 miles. Follow directional signs last 10 miles to the campground. From Hartwell, GA, take Highway 51 north until you reach a four-way stop; turn left and follow directional signs to the campground. 518 Ramp Road Hartwell, GA 30643


• Entrance gate OPENS at 7am and LOCKS at 10pm. No vehicle entry or exit between these hours unless arraignments are made with the host. You must check in before 10pm. Speed limit in the park is 15 mph. Law Enforcement does patrol and will enforce.

• Electric cars are not to be charged at your site. The park is not set up to handle the extra power required for charging electric vehicles. We will be happy to provide you with a list of places in the area where you can charge your electric vehicle.

• 1 wheeled camping unit (RV, camper, camper van/truck, etc.) and 1 tent or 2 tents only are allowed per single site and must be parked on the impact pad (gravel area). Tents are restricted to the impact pad also.

• Off-road vehicles including but not limited to golf carts, 4-wheelers. Motorized/electric scooters/ride -on devices are not permitted.

• Only registered vehicles are allowed in the campground. Up to 3 vehicles may be registered per site. All vehicles and boat trailers must be parked on gravel area of campsite or in designated parking spaces. Each site may have 2 visitor passes; these passes must be returned upon exiting the park.

• Check in time is 3pm; check out time is 2pm. Quiet hours are 10pm – 6am.

• Maximum stay is 14-days with a 7-day absence before being eligible for a new reservation. Changing names on reservation, changing campsites, or making multiple reservations in order to stay over 14-days is PROHIBITED! VIOLATORS MAY HAVE RESERVATIONS CANCELLED WITHOUT NOTICE. Please do the right thing.

• Booking is allowed 2 years in advanced. Sites 7, 8, 23, 24, 33 and 34 have a minimum stay of 7 days.

• Parents are responsible for their children. Do not leave your child unattended in the park and do not allow them to play on other campsites. Respect each camper’s property.

• All pets must be penned, caged, or on a leash no longer than 6 feet; pets are prohibited on swim beaches, playground, and in restrooms. You MUST clean up after your pet.

• Seniors (age 62 &up), Military, and Public Safety discounts are available at 10% each. You may use any 2 of these discounts together. The reservation must be made in that’s person name and that person must be present at check-in.

• Fireworks and firearms are prohibited.

• Gray water (wastewater from sinks, dishwashing, bathing etc.) or other wastewater must be disposed of properly at the campground dump station.

• Maximum of 10 campers per single site. Registered campers are required to occupy campsite and must be 18 years or older.

• For Campfires, use only dead wood gathered from the ground and contain fire in designated fire rings or grills only. Don’t move firewood: Protect your forests from tree-kill pests by buying firewood locally and burning it on site. Visit “don’” for further information.

• Keep your campsite and campground clean. Keep your trash contained and frequently remove trash from campsite. Dumpsters are located within campground. Please keep the doors to the dumpsters closed to keep wildlife out. Do not litter in fire ring or on campsite upon check-out.

Water Usage: Our water supply comes from a well system; therefore, excessive water use will not be allowed. There is NOT an unlimited water supply! • You may not wash your car or camper, etc.

• Do not leave spigots running.

• Report any leaks or maintenance issues at spigots, water lines, and in bathroom/showers to park attendants as soon as possible.

• Use water sparingly: Do not allow children to play with water spigots or in restrooms. A water spigot, sink, or shower left on will deplete the campgrounds water supply quickly.

• Failure to follow these guidelines could result in a fine. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave.

Changes and Cancellations

• Once your reservation has been created, there will be a $17.00 fee plus $3.00 processing fee, (for a total of $20.00) to cancel up to 8 days before your scheduled arrival date. and a $10.00 fee to change your site or dates.

• Cancellations up to 8 days before your arrival date will result in a $20.00 charge. Cancellations 7 days or less before your arrival date will result in a fee of 50% of your total stay.

• Reserved campsites will be held until check-out time (2pm) on the day following your schedules arrival date. If you do not arrive at the campground by 2pm to fulfill your reservation, your reservation will be cancelled, and you will be charged a $20 service fee and forfeit the first night’s use fee.

• No shows are charged 50% of your total stay plus $20.00 cancellation fee.

• If your reservation is for 1 night and you have been charged the first night’s use fee, there is no $10 service fee.

• To ensure fairness to all our guests, any departures dates outside the 6–12-month maximum window can’t be changes or cancelled until 18 days after the reservation is made.


• Refunds must be requested no later than 14 days after scheduled departure date. Refunds may be requested by contacting us at 706-377-3456. Refunds for bank card payments will be issued as a credit to the original bank card.


• Applicable fees, such as reservation fees, service fees, cancellation fees, and change fees are non-refundable.

Debit or Credit Card Purchases

• Refunds for debit or credit cards will be issued as a credit to the original bank or credit card used to pay.

• In the event that a guest has cancelled this card, they will need to contact their card company to have the fees released. We cannot issue refunds to any card other than the one used to pay. However, we can issue a credit to be used for future reservations.

Cash or Check Purchases

• Hart County Board of Commissioners will mail a Treasury check for refunds for cash, check, or money order payments to the address associated with the reservation. You may update the address at the time you request the refund. It may take up to 6-8 weeks for the Treasury Check to arrive. Please make sure your address is up to date in your guest profile.

• In the event of an emergency closure, we will refund all fees and will attempt to notify you using the contact information within your guest profile.

• If a guest departs prior to the scheduled check out date, they may be eligible for a partial refund.

• Please notify staff at the facility if you depart early to allow others to use the site.

• Guests may notify the attendant to request a refund of remaining unused nights. If a guest requests a refund for an early departure after the facility check out time has passed, the guest will not be refunded for that night and may be eligible for a refund on any additional nights that will not be used.