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Hart County Roads

Work orders: To report a problem with a County road such as potholes, rough gravel roads, missing signs, flooding problems call 706-376-1468. The County will prepare a work order and (if needed) will investigate and correct the problem.
For non-emergency road work, or for contact any time,
you may email the office anytime at

Paving/Maintenance Schedule: Hart County Roads Department routinely maintains our roads. We perform ongoing maintenance to correct potholes, drainage issues, missing signs etc… We also have routine scheduled maintenance of gravel roads, currently twice per year. In addition we perform special projects such as paving, replacement of pipes/bridges, replacement of roads etc… The schedule is our proposed calendar for completing major projects. The schedule is accurate for the current month but may vary for future months.

Road Inventory: The Hart County Roads Department can only work on Official County roads and within the roads right of way. The County has adopted the first official County roads inventory in late 2002. This inventory contains the official County roads, known rights of way, the official length of the County roads and other information. The only way the inventory will change (either addition to or deletion from) including the length of the County road is through a formal resolution of Hart County Board of Commissioners.

The current road inventory can be found here.

Bush hog / Mowing: Hart County operates the bush hogging and mowing of the County roads and right of way. A schedule will be adopted for this work. The work generally has two to three cuts per year beginning in April and ending in October. In addition the tree limbs are cut back each year as needed.

Long Range Plan: A long range plan has been adopted based on an analysis of the County road assets. Without a long range plan, the County did not have an adequate analysis of where to spend our limited resources. Consequently we have several million dollars in back log maintenance to perform.
2003 will be the first year of implementation for the long range plan and will primarily focus on sealing our paved roads and resurfacing of our tar and gravel roads. Subsequent years will focus on repairing and replacing our bridges and pipes and continued resurfacing of our tar and gravel roads.

The long range plan also contains a condition rating for all paved roads. This condition rating may be followed to determine which roads get a new asphalt surface.

Adopted Policies: Formal policies assure that the enforcement of ordinances are equitably enforced. In addition these policies are an easy way to understand the County’s processes for various activities such as adopting a private road into the County system or installing driveway pipe.

Rebuilt Loader
Rebuilt Front-end Loader

Fred King Rd bridge
Fred King Bridge

View of shoal creek from Highway 77
View of Shoal Creek from Hwy. 77