Hart County E-911 Services

Director: Terrell Partain
800 Chandler Street
Hartwell, Georgia 30643
Office: 706-376-3930
Fax :706-856-5316
Email: hartcoems@hartcom.net

E911 Consoles
Consoles are monitored constantly

When a 911 call comes in to the 911 headquarters, emergency personnel answer the call. At the same time, the location also appears on the console. The EMA personnel can look at the overview or zoom in to a building by building view actually showing the rectangles of homes and businesses. Emergency personnel and necessary emergency equipment are immediately dispatched to the location.

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Addresses and phone numbers are constantly updated by 911 staff. The E-911 Addressing office is responsible for assigning newly created addresses, as well as naming new roads withing the county. If you have recently moved, please contact the E-911 Addressing office and advise them of the change!
Dispatcher at work. The County's emergency services are coordinated so that the appropriate people and equipment are dispatched immediately. They work around the clock each worker on 24-hour, 4-on, 4-off, shifts. The Emergendy Services building has dormitories and kitchen facilities for the workers.
Dispatcher at work