Hart County Building Permitting

The Hart County Building Permitting Office oversees all building and mobile home permits within the unincorporated areas of Hart County

This department is integrated with the E911 Department to insure that all residences and commercial buildings are properly addressed.

Building permits are covered under
County Ordinance Chapter 18

Mobile home permits are covered under
County Ordinance Chapter 50

The County Code of Ordinances is available at the link to the left of this box.

All permit applicants MUST read, understand, and follow
all requirments as set forth in the County Code.

Use the links below to find information
for the various types of permits we issue:

Building Permit Application Form

Certification of Exemption from City of Hartwell
Needed only if area is adjacent
to the City Limits of Hartwell

Please note: If you are building in an area
located inside the city limits of Hartwell,
you must contact the City Building Inspector.
The County Permit Office DOES NOT
issue permits for the City of Hartwell.

If you have questions that are not answered by the handouts above, please contact the 911 Addressing office at the number below.

Telephone: (706)376-1468
Email: buildingpermitting@hartcountyga.gov