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Hart County Water & Sewer Authority

Minutes for any board meeting become accessible to the public
after the next meeting when approved by the HCWSA

To search the minutes for your topic of interest click here

Minutes copied or downloaded from this Web site are accurate but are not official copies.
If official copies are needed, you must obtain these at the
Hart County Water & Sewer Authority Office at 200 Arthur Street, Hartwell, Georgia 30643.

This page is archive materials and no longer updated. Please find up to date information at

2016 Meetings 2015 Meetings 2014 Meetings
2013 Meetings 2012 Meetings 2011 Meetings

2010 Meetings 2009 Meetings 2008 Meetings
BOD Mtg 12/20/10
BOD Mtg 11/15/10
BOD Mtg 10/18/10
BOD Mtg 9/20/10
BOD Mtg 8/16/10
BOD Mtg 7/19/10
BOD Mtg 6/21/10
BOD Mtg 5/17/10
BOD Mtg 4/19/10
BOD Mtg 3/15/10
BOD Mtg. 2/15/10
BOD Mtg 1/18/10
BOD Mtg 12/16/09
BOD Mtg 11/16/09
BOD Mtg 10/19/09
BOD Mtg 9/21/09
BOD Mtg 8/17/09
BOD Mtg 7/20/09
BOD Mtg 6/15/09
BOD Mtg 5/18/09
BOD Mtg 4/20/09
BOD Mtg 2/16/09
BOD Mtg 1/12/09

2007 Meetings
BOD Mtg 12/17/07
BOD Mtg 9/17/07
BOD Mtg 8/20/07
BOD Mtg 7/16/07
BOD Called Mtg 7/6/07
Bid Opening Mtg 6/25/07
BOD Mtg 6/18/07